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Why do Christian Goodman High Blood Pressure Exercises Work So Well?

Posted by:adminhypertnsn Posted on:Mar 1,2017

The measure of the force your blood has as it pushes against your blood vessels is what is known as blood pressure. When this pressure is too high, then you have a condition known as hypertension or high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a dangerous condition that overworks your heart as it tries to get blood to all the parts of your body. This causes the hardening or narrowing of the arteries and subsequent strokes.

There are billions of reported hypertensive cases world. However, the cause of most of them remains unknown. Although it remains a mysterious condition whose cause is seldom determined some risk factors make some people more prone to being hypertensive than others. Some of these risk factors include smoking, being overweight or obese and too much fat and salt in the diet. The saddest part about living with this condition is that it will silently destroy your body before you notice any symptoms. If left uncontrolled, you could be physically challenged, have a severe heart attack or the quality of your life could significantly reduce. The great news is that with the right diet and good exercises you could control your blood pressure and even take it back to the normal range.

What do Christian Goodman High Blood Pressure Exercises involve?

Christian Goodman agrees that without a good exercising plan and a great diet, anyone’s battle against high blood pressure is futile. According to him, stress is the primary cause of hypertension, and it can be reduced by engaging in the exercises he recommends. So why do his exercises work so well?

The first exercise- walking

walking While a little stress is good for you, too much of it is bad. You need a little adrenaline for the day to day activities you will be taking part in. After a stressful day, however, you need to reboot so you can have a fresh start again tomorrow.

In his $49 program, Goodman does not recommend anything you cannot do. His exercises do not even require you to have any equipment, so they are easy to do and chemical free. Amongst his exercises he recommends taking a brief rhythmic walk, 10 minutes or longer, each day just to breathe in the fresh air and unwind after a long stressful day. You can choose to take the walk outside or indoors.

The Benefits

These exercises are completely chemical free. Most of the people who take the medication for treating hypertension complain of certain side effects like loss of sleep, or too much sleep and feeling lethargic. Some are unable to take the medication because they are allergic to some of the ingredients used in making the medicine. In some very unfortunate cases, prolonged use of the drug renders them ineffective and so they can no longer control their blood pressure.

– the exercises are simple enough to be done at home without requiring any specialized equipment. Because you are concentrating on the exercise, your body learns to relax and let go of all the tension in your muscles. You are therefore more relaxed and able to focus on finding solutions rather than freaking out at whatever may be bothering you.

The Second Exercise- Emotional Release

Suggests that one should release all the emotional stress and tension they are holding. One is advice to sit calmly and take long deep breathes. In his program, he guides you in this exercise helping you breathe, meditate and relax at the same time.

The Benefits

– Regulated breaths will help bring release to a stressed individual allowing them to feel calmer and be able to sleep longer.

– With longer sleep one feels rested in the morning and ready to take on any challenges they may face.

– This process too helps release the serotonin chemical allowing you to bring down both your stress levels and your blood pressure.

– Continuous use of these exercises makes it possible to permanently control and regulate your blood pressure while allowing you to find better solutions to problems and increase your general productivity.

The Third Exercise

His third exercise is best performed right before bed. In this exercise, you are guided through a breathing technique that helps reduce all the muscle tension and anxiety you have.

– Relaxation just before bed guarantees better sleep

– Better sleep allows you to think clearly and improve your productivity levels the next day

– Better problem solving skills reduces stress and tension

Their combined benefit- the serotonin chemical

Also known as the happy hormone, serotonin is found in the brain, blood platelets, and bowels. It is a neurotransmitter that helps your body construct healthy muscles and transmit impulses between the nerve cells. It, therefore, combines the general well-being with happiness. Researchers say it is a chemical that helps balance the mood. As one exercises or engages in any physically demanding activity, the body produces serotonin.

Benefits of Serotonin in the Body

– It helps relax the body and mind giving one the feeling of happiness. By doing the exercises recommended by Goodman, one can feel happier and relaxed. This, therefore, helps reduce the blood pressure that is caused by stress.

– You get better sleep. One thing about stress is that it ultimately deprives one of sleep. When stressed, most people report being unable to sleep soundly. Those who can sleep, do not sleep the recommended eight hours a night. Stress wakes them frequently and makes them tense up because of the deadlines and the many responsibilities. The exercises work great by allowing your body to produce the serotonin chemical that helps your body relax, and your muscles smoothen out. These relaxation and happiness allow you to sleep longer and better during the night. People who do not sleep well at night have higher stress levels than people who sleep a minimum of six hours a night.

– With better sleep, you can reboot quickly, think clearly and keep feeling relaxed and happy throughout the tension.

– Sleeping allows people to get better solutions to any issues they may be facing because they are calm and able to view a problem from many different angles. This fact allows a person to be at ease because they are able to handle whatever is stressing them.


Combined with a great healthy and balanced diet, you can find happiness and great health by reducing hypertension. An all-natural method that helps you stay away from chemicals and still achieve optimum health. This is the reason why the program works so well for many people and why many more continue to recommend it.


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