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Posted by:adminhypertnsn Posted on:Mar 1,2017

Christian goodman high blood pressure program High blood pressure, the oldest trouble maker for human beings, takes the toll of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world every year. It keeps ticking inside its sufferer like a bomb for years and remains undiagnosed due to its deceptive nature. Sure there are symptoms that help people find out they are suffering from high blood pressure yet it is not diagnosed easily as it has no visible signs unless it shoots up one day and the sufferer has to pay a price for his carelessness.

Poor lifestyle, lack of exercise, highly saturated foods and unhealthy habits are some of the causes of high blood pressure. Smoking, drinking, sedentary lifestyle, all these cause this disease. People suffering from high blood pressure are at constant risk because it leads to stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and many such severe problems that take human life or leave the sufferer hapless with paralysis.

Some of the physical high blood pressure signs include:


Ataxia (Difficulty with walking)


Blurred Vision



Some of these signs can easily be mistaken for other problems. In addition, high blood pressure can be a symptom of another problem. So it’s always wise to have one’s blood pressure checked on a regular basis, even when one suspects something else may be going on inside one’s body.

I have been a high blood pressure sufferer and know well how distressing it is. Whenever I had a bout of elevated blood pressure I began to feel sickness, headaches and sometimes giddiness. It was a great bane of my life. I consulted my doctor and he advised a handful of tabs that were also a good deal of distress to swallow them all in one go. Then I trawled through the internet in order to find a natural, reliable and fast acting high blood pressure program that would be based on diet and exercise recommendations. Finally my search was over and I found Christian Goodman High Blood Pressure Program that had received a lot of positive reviews from high blood pressure sufferers. This high blood pressure program changed my life and now I feel healthy, energetic and agile once again. Below is my experience with life changing High Blood Pressure Program.

My Experience with Christian Goodman High Blood Pressure Program Review Goes On:

As I already said, I had been suffering from high blood pressure for the last few years and was on the look-out for a natural, reliable and fast acting high blood pressure cure. For this purpose I have trawled through internet for many hours and fortunately came across Christian Goodman’s High blood Pressure Program. When I read his salespage I was amazed to see he was describing just 3 exercises to reduce high blood pressure that could deliver fast results. So I was curious to know what those exercises were. I bought the Christian Goodman’s High Blood Pressure Program and started using it.

Christian Goodman’s High Blood Pressure Program is delivered both in audio and transcript formats-complimenting each other so it is a good habit to take those exercises while listening to them after reading the transcript carefully. The beauty of Christian Goodman high blood pressure program is that it consists of only three simple to do exercises and these exercises don’t require some special equipment.

First Exercise

The first exercise revealed in Christian Goodman high blood pressure program is based on a kind of rhythmic walking for 10 minutes that can be performed indoors on the spot or during a stroll outside. (Of course just the exercise of walking is good for you and can help reduce your blood pressure over time.) Many people may not believe the efficacy of simple walking but the way Christian describes it produces the best results and help you lower your high blood pressure naturally in a few short weeks.


Second Exercise

The next exercise revealed in Christian Goodman high blood pressure program is an ‘emotional release exercise’ that involves regulated breathing and experiencing emotional states (and release). Lasts about 20 minutes. This seems to be based on Goodman’s assertion that virtually all cases of high blood pressure can be traced back to built up stress. Stress is the part and parcel of our day to day life these days and causes many diseases and syndromes including high blood pressure so I think is a good approach to deal with stress firsthand by taking simple but effective exercises.

Third Exercise

The third exercise lasts about 20 minutes and focuses on breathing and muscle relaxation. This one is best performed just before you’re ready to go to sleep (because you won’t feel like getting up after it).
FINAL WORDS on Christian Goodman High Blood Pressure Program Review:

All exercises are simple to do and don’t take up too much time.

After following these exercises for three weeks my blood pressure did begin to drop. That is why I am an avid fan of Christian Goodman’s High blood Pressure Program.

Remember, Christian Goodman’s approach is underlined by his belief that all cases of high blood pressure are caused by stress. His program is designed to lower your stress levels which in turn should lower your blood pressure.

If stress is the only or main cause of your high blood pressure then Goodman’s program could be very beneficial for you. For those of us who have high blood pressure from a range of causes (eg, diet, lack of exercise, genetics, etc.) then Goodman’s exercises would though help reduce your high blood pressure but for permanent cure you must pay attention to eliminate those causes too.

So if you’re a stress-monkey with high blood pressure as a consequence then Christian Goodman’s high blood pressure program could be just the ticket to better health.


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