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Relationship between weight, salt intake and hypertension

In the year 1999, the American Medical Association published their findings. Their main focus was particularly on overweight individuals, their salt intake and how they were likely to die from conditions such as stroke, or any other heart disease. According to the journal, if you consumed more salt and you were overweight, you raised the risk of developing stroke by 32%.

These individuals were also 89% more likely to die from stroke, 44% more likely to die from coronary heart disease, and also 61% likely to die from cardiovascular diseases. These percentages only applied to those who ate more than 5g of salt every day.

Then there was the DASH sodium study (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension). This study played a very significant role in the diet debate. Their aim was to study 3 levels of salt on 2 dietary patterns of people, both with normal and high blood pressure. Those who were on the DASH diet, who consumed at least 4g or less of salt experienced a significant reduction in their blood pressure. Their cholesterol levels were also greatly reduced when they combined a great diet with low salt intake.

Current salt intake all over the world

Unfortunately, the average salt intake collectively across the world is about 8.1g per day, far from the recommended 5g or less per day. If you’re already suffering from high blood pressure, or you are at a risk of developing it, you should be very careful with what you eat in terms of the amount of salt content present in that particular food. You can consume less of processed foods and also check food labels. Don’t be too hard on counting the exact salt intake per day, but you can always be safe when you take foods with less salt.

Reducing Salt Intake to Lower High Blood Pressure

Reduce salt If you’re suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure, you don’t have to let the condition control your life. Your doctor may recommend pills whenever your blood pressure has shot above the normal. But these are only temporary remedies which rectify the situation in that moment, but not permanently.

So, how does salt affect your blood pressure?

There’s full scientific proof of how sodium or salt intake affects your blood pressure. In fact, reducing your salt intake is the only natural and quickest way to keep your blood pressure at bay. Studies show that the more salt you consume, the more your blood pressure builds up. It makes your body retain water. So the more you consume it, the more aggressive the excess water will affect your blood pressure. So if you already have hypertension, eating more salt can cause serious health problems. Furthermore, eating more than the recommended daily intake will make hypertension drugs such as diuretics fail to work.

Reducing Salt Intake to Reduce High Blood Pressure

According to the American Heart Association, people consume more sodium than they should. They recommend less than 1,500mg of sodium each day. In other words, this is less than a teaspoon from all your meals everyday. More people are also hooked to the habit of adding salt on the table from their salt shaker, which is not recommended at all. Table salt is estimated to be about 40% sodium.

Furthermore, more of the salt we eat today is hidden in processed foods such as breakfast cereals, bread, biscuits or takeaway meals. This makes up 80% of the salt we consume. Only 20% of the salt we eat come from the amount we add into our daily meals.

So, what can you consume safely?

To keep track of the level of your salt intake, you need to watch the kind of food you eat. You should aim at consuming foods that are low in salt. This is the first step to checking the level of hidden salt that you consume everyday. Then you should stop adding salt on the table when food is ready–this is not recommended especially when you’re suffering from hypertension.


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